Jim Karol Entertains Our Troops Around The World

Jim Karol just returned from traveling 26,000 miles completely around the world with the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Paul Selva. The USO tour began at Andrews Airforce base in Washington DC and traveled to Hawaii, Guam, Thailand, Diego Garcia, Qatar, the USS George HW Bush aircraft carrier, Afghanistan, Italy, then back across the Atlantic, into DC.

A total of 25,490 miles, 60 hours of flight time, all in just 8 days!

On the trip with Jim was celebrity Chef Robert Irvine, UFC champ Dominic Cruz, olympic gold medal swimmer Katie Meili and country star Craig Morgan.

Some of the highlights of the trip were visiting Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona, traveling south of the equator to Diego Garcia which is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean between Africa and Australia, and standing on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush only a few feet from fighter jets landing.

Jim’s BIGGEST thrill though, was being catapulted off the aircraft carrier going from 0 to 165 mph in just THREE SECONDS!

This was Jim’s second USO tour in the last 3 months. In December he was invited to be the MC for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s Holiday tour. The Holiday tour included the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Joseph Dunford Jr, actress Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans (Captain America), NBA legend Ray Allen, gold medal swimmer Maya DiRado and country singer Craig Campbell. The Holiday tour traveled to Ireland, Turkey, Qatar, Afghanistan and Germany.

Jim said he’s never met so many sincere and genuine people as he did on the two USO tours.┬áIt was definitely a priceless and memorable experience.

Jim Karol grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania and after high school, he ended up working at the local Steel Mill and just like the Billy Joel song “Allentown”, Jim ended up losing his job.

Jim took his pregnant wife’s Avon account and went door to door selling Avon. He became one of the most popular Avon guys, (probably the ONLY guy) and everyone loved his card tricks.

Jim ended up doing a show for 1,000 women, and started performing shows all across the country. He became one of the most popular college entertainers, performing at more than 3500 college campuses.

Jim appeared on the Tonight Show, the Ellen Show, Howard Stern, the Today Show, and NBC’s Phenomenon. He also made a cameo appearance in Jackass Number 2.

At the age of 50, Jim had a medical issue and began studying and developing MEMORY systems and techniques to keep from being bored while riding his exercise bike.

In the last THREE years, Jim has greatly enhanced his memory and began studying the human brain. Jim’s medical condition has diminished, and he has gone from performing at colleges and comedy clubs, to SPEAKING at hospitals and military medical facilities. Jim has evolved from someone who performed magic tricks, into a more diversified performer, specializing in extraordinary feats of the mind and high emotional intelligence.

Jim NOW serves as a consultant and trainer to several professional athletes, business leaders, military leaders, medical practitioners and neuroscientists. His greatest passion, however, is working with our wounded warriors and seniors, struggling with memory issues.

The United Services Organization, known as the USO, brings Jim to Walter Reed Medical Center and Fort Belvoir Community Hospital each month, where he teaches workshops to help our warriors with PTSD.

In 2016, Jim was honored, to be invited to perform at the Invictus Games in Orlando. The games were hosted by Prince Harry and were attended by Michelle Obama, former president George W. Bush, Morgan Freeman and numerous other celebrities. During that week, Jim bonded with hundreds of wounded warrior athletes from around the world.

Afterwards, he was invited by the Department of Defense to perform at the Warrior Games at West Point and bonded with dozens more there. Jim also travels to Las Vegas each year, with the USO and about 75 wounded warriors, right around Veterans Day, performing with Gary Sinise and his Lt. Dan band.

Jim is currently working with several doctors, helping athletes with CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), a disorder caused by head injuries.

He also plans to travel the country with several wounded warriors, to help bring attention to THEIR stories.

Jim’s ultimate goal is to open his own Brain Wellness Center with some of his “doctor friends”, in Upstate New York where he now lives.

Jim has also written 2 new books, Beyond Emotional Intelligence and 51 Ways to Hustle Your Friends. Both available on Amazon.