Professor of Neuroscience Professor of Clinical Psychology

Neil Grunberg, Ph.D.

“Jim Karol is a gifted mentalist who is dedicated to helping people improve their cognitive abilities and emotional intelligence. “

Tony Lo Bianco

“I am riveted, mystified, and constantly amazed by Jim’s seemingly ‘out of body’ ability to be able to accomplish what seems to be impossible.  Jim has been an inspiration to our veterans, the medical profession and all who encounter him, not only by his miraculous feats, but by his constant giving of himself.  He is beautiful, honest and a patriotic American, and I am proud to say, he is my friend.

Geriatrician/Internal Medicine

Miami, Florida

Dr. Gene Neytman

“Jim Karol is not ONE in a million, he’s not ONE in a billion, JIM is ONE ON THE PLANET.”

Rolling Stone Magazine

Terry Hummel, Publisher

“Jim Karol had me at, ‘Listening to the Music strengthens the brain’.  Most music lovers feel that intuitively, but now the scientific evidence is clear.  Researchers call it musical neuroscience, and it’s just one of those areas of brain development and emotional intelligence that Jim touches on in his captivating new book, Beyond Emotional Intelligence.  Jim’s book is a MUST-READ for anyone who wants to better understand the power of the human brain to enhance their lives physically, mentally and emotionally.”

Fred Deluca, Founder

“Jim Karol NEVER FAILS to entertain both young and old.”

Tim Butler

Philadelphia Univ.

“Jim is a phenomenal and innovative entertainer. I’ve always been impressed with his energy, his passion and his unique style of entertainment. That is why we bring Jim back year after year.”